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One of the world’s only vodkas created entirely from grapes, CÎROC®
Ultra-Premium is simply unique. The name is derived from the combination of two French words, “Cime” meaning peak or summit-top and "roche" meaning rock. True to its roots, CÎROC® Mauzac Blanc grapes stem from the high-altitude vineyards in Gaillac, France overlooked by the stony village walls
of Cordes-sur-Ciel.

Historically, vodka has been made from natural and local sources of fermentable sugars and starches. CÎROC® is innovative in its use of cold maceration, fermentation and storage processes. Until now, only the top fine wine producers implemented these practices.

CÎROC® Ultra-Premium Vodka is complex in its creation but complimentary with most mixers from Champagne to Tonic. However you choose, enjoy the clean finish of CÎROC®!

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  1. Ciroc Mango Vodka 70cl

    Ciroc Mango Vodka 70cl


    Exotic tropical fruit addition to the famous Ciroc range. Infused with the flavours of Carabao mangoes, it is well-balanced smooth and full of flavour. Enjoy chilled neat, over ice or mixer. Learn More
  2. Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka 70cl

    Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka 70cl


    Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka is the newest edition to the Ciroc family. Vanilla is sourced from various locations around the world including Madagascar giving this five times distilled vodka a uniquely rich, smooth, creamy flavour which goes perfectly in the No.1 trending cocktail, the Porn Star Martini as a twist on this classic. Learn More
  3. Ciroc - Pure Vodka - 70cl

    Ciroc - Pure Vodka - 70cl - 40% ABV

    Regular Price: £29.99

    Special Price £27.99

    Croc vodka is the worlds most sophisticated vodka. An exquisitely smooth, fresh and innovative vodka experience Learn More
  4. Ciroc Coconut Vodka

    Ciroc Coconut 70cl

    Regular Price: £31.99

    Special Price £27.99

    A interesting twist to the already popular Ciroc Vodka. The base spirit for Ciroc Coconut is made by distilling French grapes, from the Cognac region, five times. Natural ingredients are then infused to create Ciroc Coconut. Learn More
  5. Cîroc Red Berry 70CL (37.5% Vol.)

    Cîroc Red Berry 70CL (37.5% Vol.)


    Like the original Cîroc vodka, Cîroc Red Berry is made using fine French grapes that are cold fermented and distilled five times using a traditional copper pot-still. The vodka is then carefully blended with all-natural ingredients to create an exceptionally smooth new liquid infused with a unique balance of fresh wild raspberry and luscious ripe strawberry essences Learn More
  6. Ciroc Amaretto Vodka 70cl

    Ciroc Amaretto Vodka 70cl

    Regular Price: £37.99

    Special Price £28.99

    Ciroc Amaretto is made from the finest Ugni Blanc grapes from the French Cognac region. The five times distilled Ultra Premium Vodka is infused with cherries, almonds and a hint of vanilla resulting in a well-balanced smooth yet mildly sweet taste. Ideal for drinking chilled neat or over ice. Learn More

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